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This week we continued to work on still life, but this time with the addition of color. Thomas and I both enjoy working with color, both in graphic design and in art. Thomas has a great intuition for color, but for me, it has sometimes been challenging. The topic of ‘color’ will continue for a while because it is vast and one I feel will take years to master.

I asked, “When working with color what goes through your mind.” Thomas responded by saying, “Contrast and how the colors dance and mingle together.” – and I have to agree.

When the colors are married sort of speak it gives your piece life, allowing your eye to dance across the painting.  Thus, this week I have tried three different color palettes.  See my results below.

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Kim Rene' - Playing with color

Welcome to Study Hall!

Just a simple pear this time – nothing too complicated. I wanted to focus more on color and their relationship together.  I used a combination of black vine charcoal and newly purchased charcoal pencils; like all my art supplies I love these pencils.  A must have if you are thinking about purchasing a set. The size of my finished pieces is 5″ x 6″.

  • The first one I drew was the burgundy and black. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors, but with the black I found it to be too dark. The piece did not dance.
  • The second pear I drew was the yellow, lime green and black charcoal. I like the combination of yellow and lime green. I feel the colors really work well together.
  • The third pear I reached for one then two colors that I felt worked together. Months ago I would never of have tried this – I found working with color to be a little overwhelming. So many decisions and possibilities. And remembering not to add to many colors  – don’t want it to seem like a coloring book or even worse turn to mud.

Overall, I am very pleased with my pieces. If I were to do it over, which I have a feeling I will, black charcoal will not be in the mix. I am drawn to the vivid colors (triadic harmonies).

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