difficult to find, catch, or achieve.
“success will become ever more elusive”
synonyms: difficult to find


each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne,who preside over the arts and sciences. synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus

Inspiration is a powerful thing. Elusive Muse was founded on the idea that the greatest forms of creativity are often sparked by sharing, collaborating and learning from the passion, creativity, and talent of others.

Many of the ‘muses’ you will find here are professional artists who love to mentor, encourage and inspire artists at all levels. Unlike many other art communities, we are not a community limited to the ‘ultra-elite,’ we encourage both intermediate and advanced artists to participate in our collaborative community.

Our goal is to continuously inspire you by sharing what we are most inspired by, to share our own art journey with you and to connect with those of you that want to join us on that journey. While we do provide specific themes for artists to participate in, we also highly encourage abstract and creative thinking and interpretations that are not always the obvious.

If you are interested in connecting or collaborating with other passionate artists, or in being a part of an inclusive community that encourages connection and growth through group projects, please join us on the Muse Studio Facebook group.

Elusive Muse Founders

Above all, ElusiveMu.se is about you,our community of passionate artists.