The Daily Muse: Takahiro Kimura Collage Artist, Illustrator & Filmmaker

He studied technology of painting and graphic design at Salesian Polytechnic, and then studied skill of drawing, landscape painting and fashion drawing at Setsu Mode Seminar. Since 1991, Takahiro Kimura has been creating his own unique style of…

Michael Waraksa

The Daily Muse: Michael Waraksa

Michael Waraksa is a Chicago based artist/illustrator and a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. He has exhibited his work at various venues around the United States and his illustrations have been published in numerous magazines and…

The Daily Muse: Leif Erik Johansen

I began to draw at a young age; I taught myself while in math class and social studies. I was constantly drawing and I simply didn’t have much interest in any other subjects, with, perhaps the exception of the female human anatomy. Although I wasn’t…

Speed Painting with Bryce Wymer

I have really enjoyed watching these speed painting videos on Vimeo by Bryce Wymer. He is an amazing painter. I would really love to see one off his journals in person. Elusive Muse recently ordered something from his Etsy store as a gift and it…

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell (December 24, 1903 – December 29, 1972) was an American artist and sculptor, one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage. Influenced by the Surrealists, he was also an avant-garde experimental filmmaker.

George Underwood: Surrealistic Painter and Illustrator

George Underwood is a British artist and musician. He is best known for designing album covers for numerous bands in the 1970s and his collaborations with long-term friend, singer-songwriter David Bowie.

Expressive Artist: John Larriva

John Larriva is a painter, sketcher, and occasional sculptor with over 20 years of experience. Although he specializes in portraits, an odd cat will show up from time to time.

Juanan Requena
Artist · Photographer · Teacher

Explore the work of artist and photographer Juanan Requena.

Egon Schiele: Austrian Expressionist (1890-1918)

I recently discovered the amazing figurative artist Egon Schiele. As some of you know, I am presently taking a year long online portrait painting workshop. This year we are studying masters from different art periods to learn more about their…

Muse Mail 2018 – Let the Fun Begin

Process photos for a collection of backgrounds to be used as a start for a 12 month mail art exchange.

Peter Dahmen – Paper Artist

Peter Dahmen is a graphic designer and paper artist based in Germany. He specializes in creating amazing three-dimensional paper sculptures and pop up cards.

Fabio Consoli, Illustrator

Fabio Consoli is an illustrator, a painter and an art director. His studio is located in Acitrezza, a small fishing village at the foot of the Etna Volcano in Sicily.

Loose, Bold and Unique… The work of Robert Joyner

In so many conversations we have with other artists, the statement “I wish I could feel more loose when I paint” has come up rather frequently. Kim and I have said this to each other numerous times. When the subject of painting loose comes up, the…

California Dreamin’
Analog to Digital Fun

Kim and I participate in a monthly mail art group. Each month we send and receive an original postcard to/from a member of the group. I had so much fun creating this for Jacki Long, that I decided to take this piece a step further and turn it into a…