Kerby Rosanes

The Daily Muse: Illustrator Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes works mainly with ordinary black fine liners to magically illustrate his “doodle” world. The 24-year old artist considers his art as a personal hobby which turned out to be his part-time freelance work after being recognized by various…

daniel palacios

The Daily Muse: Hand Lettering
Videos by Daniel Palacios

Daniel Palacios is a designer and lettering artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

charles dellschau

The Daily Muse: The Illustrated Manuscripts of Charles Dellschau (1830 – 1923)

In the fall of 1899, Charles Dellschau (1830–1923), a retired butcher from Houston, embarked on a project that would occupy him for more than 20 years. What began as an illustrated manuscript recounting his experiences in the California Gold Rush…

Kevin Champeny

The Daily Muse: Kevin Champeny
Mosaic Artist and Sculptor

Kevin Champeny uses surprising materials to create amazing artwork.

The Daily Muse: Maude White
Paper Carving Artist

Maude White is a papercutting artist living in the Hudson Valley. She loves the great strength, yet delicacy of paper. Her work is done on the macro as well as the micro level. Every cut is exact and meaningful.

Trish Leavitt

The Daily Muse: Trish Leavitt
Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Trish Leavitt founded the graphic design studio Silver Lining Design with an intent to create meaning through visual communications. Thoughtful design and effective collaborations with clients allow her to tell complex stories simply.

Guenevere Schwien

The Daily Muse: Guenevere Schwien, Photorealistic Oil Painter

Guenevere graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2005, which brought her lifelong love of art to the professional level. She has been a member of the Carmel Art Association since 2008, and a member of the International…

Tom Butler

The Daily Muse:
Tom Butler, Mixed Media Artist

Elusive Muse shares the intriguing work of artist Tom Butler along with a video of his process.

The Daily Muse: Hannah Höch (1889 – 1978), Photomontage/Collage Artist

Hannah Höch was born Anna Therese Johanne Höch in Gotha, Germany. In 1912 she began classes at the School of Applied Arts in Berlin under the guidance of glass designer Harold Bergen.She chose the curriculum glass design and graphic arts, rather…

Alessandra Pagliuca

The Daily Muse: Speed Painting Video by Alessandra Pagliuca

Alessandra Pagliuca was born in 1988 in Chivasso, in the province of Turin (Italy), where She still lives and works. She graduated from a high school specializing in painting and then decided to devote herself full-time artistic experimentation. Her…

Laura Wait

The Daily Muse: Laura Wait
Mixed Media and Book Artist

She studied art history in college at Barnard College with the idea that she needed to look at art, and that the making could come later. New York was a wonderful place to see art, and she made bi-weekly pilgrimages to look at art around the city.…

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Lorna Leigh Harrington

Elusive Muse is pleased to share an exclusive interview with illustrator Lorna Leigh Harrington.

Daniel Mochi

The Daily Muse: Daniel Mochi, Contemporary Artist

Daniel Mochi is an Argentinian artist living in Buenos Aires. He finds influence in native arts, the shapes and lines, and concise, simple representations of the natural world.

Kanchan Mahon

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview With Collage Artist Kanchan Mahon

Kanchan Mahon is a self-taught artist using the medium of hand-cut paper collage. Her art is quixotic, vibrant and otherworldly. Images are combined with intricate pattern, rich texture.

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Mixed Media Artist Molly Bosley

Molly Bosley began collecting small relics at an early age in the Boston suburb where she grew up. She has since then continued this tradition and found ways to incorporate the findings from yard sales, junk stores and the great outdoors, into her…