Trish Leavitt founded the graphic design studio Silver Lining Design with an intent to create meaning through visual communications. Thoughtful design and effective collaborations with clients allow her to tell complex stories simply. Trish collects and synthesizes information to transform strategic goals into actionable solutions. Ambitious in her problem solving, she engages in creative exploration to formulate compelling ideas for print and web environments.

With nearly 20 years of design experience from various studios and agencies in Boston, Denver, Santa Monica and Phoenix, Trish has gained invaluable knowledge and skills. She has extensive experience with branding and visual identity for mission-driven cultural, educational, financial and non-profit organizations. Along the way, she has built up an award-winning portfolio of work which she attributes to interesting projects, intelligent clients, and talented colleagues. For fun, she practices collage, book art, photography, knitting and yoga.

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Assemblage incorporates ephemera, handmade paper, specialty paper, and keepsakes collected from travels and flea markets.