Kostin Sergey

The Daily Muse: Kostin Sergey, Painter and Watercolor Artist

Elusive Muse really struggled to find information about artist Kostin Sergey, but really loved his work and thought it was too special not to share it. Kostin is from Moscow Russia.

The Daily Muse: Brian Kasstle, Artist, Visual Journaler and Teacher

Brian is an artist, visual journaler, and teacher living in Southern California. Brian began his art studies growing up in Montana and has continued his studies in Southern California. He credits art journaling with giving him a deeper understanding…

The Daily Muse: Jennifer Judd-McGee: Collage Artist and Illustrator

Elusive Muse presents the work of Collage Artist Jennifer Judd-Mcgee. Her designs would really be beautiful as fabric. So incredibly beautiful.

The Daily Muse: Agnes Toth, Mixed Media Painter

Elusive Muse really loves the work of Agnes Toth. Her paintings are so well done and have such a dreamlike quality.

Double Exposure Portraits

Following are artists who have mastered the technique called double-exposure either with camera or with photoshop.

The Daily Muse: Mr. Xerty

Born 1984 Mr. Xerty aka Brice Chaplet is a freelance graphic designer & illustrator from Paris specializing in digital-art & mixed-media. He has learned his job by himself, experimenting different techniques like drawing or graffiti writing before…

The Daily Muse: Elia Fernandez

Elusive Muse loves the work of Elia Fernandez. Her pencil and watercolor drawings are just amazing.

The Daily Muse: Hannah Ward, Watercolor Artist

Elusive Muse loves Hannah Ward. Her work is so unique and beautiful. You can learn more about Hannah or see more of her amazing work on her website or Saatchi Art page.

The Daily Muse: Colin Johnson, Collage Artist & Illustrator

Colin Johnson has been a professional freelance illustrator and gallery artist since his graduation from The Maryland Institute College of Art in the Spring of 1995.

The Daily Muse: Mixed Media Artist Loui Jover

Elusive Muse presents the work of mixed media artist Loui Jover.

The Daily Muse: Alexia Sinclair
Digital Artist and Photographer

Her photographic and illustrative artworks are housed in important art collections throughout Australia. An exhibiting artist since the early 90′s, Sinclair’s distinct style is highly celebrated.

Tutorial: Make a Super-Quick No-Sew Folding Journal

And today a great tutorial by Cathy Johnson on how to make a super quick no-sew folding journal. Cathy has a wide variety of tips and workshops available if you would like to learn more about her.

The Daily Muse: Patrick Gonzales
Digital Artist and Photographer

Dijon is the habitat to the 48-year-old artist who presents us with a unique blend of personal dream fragments, childhood memories, and fantasy that has been exhibited internationally. The result is undoubtedly a series of great conversation pieces…

So Surreal

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for its visual artworks and writings. The aim was to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality.” Artists painted unnerving, illogical…