And today a great tutorial  by Cathy Johnson on how to make a super quick no-sew folding journal.  Cathy has a wide variety of tips and workshops available if you would like to learn more about her.
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This is one of the quickest journals you can make. Choose whatever paper you like–for a watercolor sketch journal, I usually use 140 lb. watercolor paper, but you can use lighter if you like. Because it’s a single sheet of paper, you may have two slightly different surfaces, but I DO usually work on both sides, anyway.

Cold pressed (NOT) or hot pressed may work best for this kind of journal, but you may prefer a multi-media or toned paper…make one of each, they’re easy!

Depending on whether you add a cover or decide to make some of the double pages into an envelope (shown in the video), you may have 27 to 32 or more pages to work in–lovely for a dedicated-subject journal or a travel journal!

You could choose a more traditional cover that would wrap around your journal pages, making it more like a case-bound book, but then you couldn’t work on both sides of the paper. (And you’d only have 16 pages to work on…)

There are much more complete instructions on my Quick and Easy Bookbinding CD, including other journal forms. I also show how to make bookcloth and your own cover paper, on the CD! You can find it here.