Elusive Muse loves the work of Elia Fernandez. Her pencil and watercolor drawings are just amazing.
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Deviant Art

…and now a word from Elia.

I was born in 1988 in Madrid.

In 2008 I began in a school of fashion design. There I discovered that my true vocation was the illustration so one year after, 2009, I began my studies of illustration in the art school ‘Arte 10’ in Madrid.
When I graduated I moved to Den Haag, Nederland, where I lived and worked like a freelance illustrator for two years.
Recently I moved to Lisbon searching a new place for inspiration and to work on freelance way all over the world from my studio.

In my work I look most of all to make each illustration with true motivation. Feel identified with what I’m illustrating. My inspiration comes from reality, people, nature, colors, music and the most important thing, by the feelings… I mix it all in a picture trying to show that feeling, a claim, but always in a subtle way.

I walk the way of pencil and watercolor. I want to create with watercolor sensitive colors, which provide that part of our surreal thinking, like synesthesia.
My work is constantly changing and I’m always ready to go one step further.DSC00734 DSC00743 expectations_by_daenerys_mod-d32uu75 haooy_halloween_by_daenerys_mod-d32uw53 patrick_bateman_americanpsycho_by_daenerys_mod-d32uuxf portfolio_by_daenerys_mod-d32uu7e Portfolio_week_1_2_March_by_Daenerys_mOd Portofilio_by_Daenerys_mOd pumpkin_witch_by_daenerys_mod-d4et95h rapunzel_by_daenerys_mod-d4cslqj tweedledee_y_tweedledum_by_daenerys_mod-d4csl75