John Larriva is a painter, sketcher, and occasional sculptor with over 20 years of experience. Although he specializes in portraits, an odd cat will show up from time to time.

As I often do, I was perusing the vast library or inspiration at Pinterest in search of expressive portrait artists, when I discovered John’s incredible paintings.  His expressive brush work and color choices are just gorgeous and I can’t help but wonder what his pieces look like in person.  Hopefully one day I will get to experience that. If they are this amazing in a photo, I can only imagine how beautiful the colors and textures are in person.

To learn more about John Larriva, or to see more of his incredible work, you can find him at any of the links below. He also has an inspiring collection of process videos on You Tube which I have included below.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Patreon | Society 6 | InPrnt| YouTube

John Larriva YouTube Channel