I participate in a monthly mail art group. Each month we send and receive an original postcard to/from a member of the group. I had so much fun creating this for Jacki Long, that I decided to take this piece a step further and turn it into a digital illustration. Below is an outline of my process. The first step of course was sketching the cassette.

When the sketch was finished, I took a photo and then brought the illustration into Adobe Illustrator. I then re-drew the image and made a few minor adjustments.

To create Jacki’s mail art, I printed the cleaned up image on Gampi silk tissue, transferred it to postcard, painted in watercolor and added the title of the song.

I added color to the digital version in Adobe Illustrator.

Kim hand lettered the words California Dreamin’ for me. She then took the words into adobe illustrator to turn them into vector art for me to use in the illustration.

The final step. I brought the illustration into Adobe Photoshop, adjusted the colors, added texture and added Kim’s hand lettered song title.