In so many conversations we have with other artists, the statement “I wish I could be more loose when I paint” has come up rather frequently. Kim and I have said this to each other numerous times. When the subject of painting loose comes up, the first artist that always comes to mind is Robert Joyner.

Robert is a full time painter from Richmond, Virginia and he specializes in acrylic and mixed media paintings.   His work is very loose and free and his style is truly unique.

As many of you know we are both huge fans of That is where we first discovered Robert.  We have taken tons of classes, but none quite as great as Roberts.  If you would really like to learn how to loosen up, we highly suggest you give his classes a try.

To see more of Robert Joyner’s work, visit his website at

To take a few of Robert’s classes on Skillshare go to:

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Robert’s YouTube Channel also has a great collection of videos (see below)