Egon Schiele (June 1890 – October 1918)

I recently discovered the amazing figurative artist Egon Schiele. As some of you know, I am presently taking a year long online portrait painting workshop. This year we are studying masters from different art periods to learn more about their techniques and then trying to make them a part of our own work. Although we are presently studying Renaissance painters, of course I had to look ahead to discover what we will be doing in the future. That is how I discovered Egon Schiele. Although we will not be studying his work until late 2018, I felt compelled to share his work here. I find his style to be inspiring.

Schiele was an Austrian painter and a protégé of Gustav Klimt, another favorite artist of mine. He was a major figurative painter of the early 20th century. His work is noted for its intensity and its raw sexuality, and the many self-portraits the artist produced, including naked self-portraits. The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize Schiele’s paintings and drawings mark the artist as an early exponent of Expressionism.

I hope that you appreciate his work as much as I do.