Carly Swenson, Artist

The Daily Muse: Carly Swenson, Mixed Media Artist

Elusive Muse is pleased to share the extraordinary work of mixed media artist Carly Swenson.

Alphonso Dunn

The Daily Muse:
Alphonso Dunn Video Tutorials

Alphonso Dunn has put together a vast collection of drawing tutorials for us to explore on YouTube. Enjoy these great videos on drawing portraits, heads, and facial features.

Jake Fried

The Daily Muse: Hand-Drawn Animation by Jake Fried

Jake Fried (1984) began his artistic career as a painter, but as he went through the process of layering and modifying images, he realized what truly interested him was the way the images metamorphosed in the course of making a painting and he changed tracks to become an animator.

Christina Chung

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Christina Chung

Christina Chung is an illustrator currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her works are a blend of both traditional and digital media held together by a line and pattern-based style. Her work is sensitive, delicate and infused with symbolism.

bruno walpoth

The Daily Muse: Bruno Walpoth, Sculptor

Bruno Walpoth can practically turn wood into flesh. The Italian artist has a knack for creating haunting, incredibly lifelike sculptures carved out of wood. His works somehow manage to capture the expressiveness in a person's eyes and the body's fleshy curves.

Lyubov Popova

The Daily Muse: Lyubov Popova
(1889 – 1924), Russian Avant-Garde Artist

Elusive Muse is pleased to share the work of Lyubov Sergeyevna Popova a Russian avant-garde artist (Cubist, Suprematist, and Constructivist), painter and designer. Popova was born in Ivanovskoe, near Moscow, to the wealthy family of Sergei Maximovich Popov, a very successful textile merchant and vigorous patron of the arts, and Lyubov Vasilievna Zubova, who came from a highly cultured family.

Tim Doyle

The Daily Muse:
Tim Doyle, Illustrator and Print Maker

Tim Doyle is an illustrator and printmaker working out of Austin, Texas. Growing up in the suburban sprawl of the Dallas area, he turned inward and sullen, only finding joy in comic books and television and video games.

Gabriel Ramirez

The Daily Muse: Gabriel Ramirez, Painter

Gabriel J. Ramirez was born in Medellin, Colombia, where he learned skills and techniques by attending a variety of schools and workshops. He has always loved nature and enjoys exploring diversity in people. This is where he finds his inspiration.

Fay Helfer

The Daily Muse: Fay Helfer
Mixed Media Artist

Fay Helfer is originally from St. Martin/Maarten and holds an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Inspired by nature and nonsense, her work embraces a spirit of randomness and ‘why not?’ with science, humor, and pop culture influences.

Patryk Hardziej

The Daily Muse: Patryk Hardziej
Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Patryk Hardziej is an illustrator from Gdynia, Poland whose surreal works of art immerse viewers in the dreamlike adventures of his characters. Often donning detached facial expressions, the everyday guys in his works find themselves in adrenaline-inducing scenarios that we experience vicariously as viewers.

hieronymus bosch

The Daily Muse: Hieronymus Bosch, Painter (1450 –1516)

Hieronymus Bosch born Jheronimus van Aken was an Early Netherlandish painter. His work is known for its fantastic imagery, detailed landscapes, and illustrations of moral and religious concepts and narratives. Within his lifetime his work was collected in the Netherlands, Austria, and Spain, and widely copied, especially his macabre and nightmarish depictions of hell.

Robert Dyber

The Daily Muse: Artist Robert Deyber

Robert Deyber (born August 1955 in Greenwich, Connecticut) is an American artist most known for literal visual portrayals of cliches, euphemisms, and idioms from the English and other languages. The San Francisco Examiner in 2009 described him as a "pop surrealist" whose style "has appeal for new as well as experienced collectors."

Sky Kim, Artist

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Artist Sky Kim

Sky Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and received a Master's Degree in Painting at Pratt Institute in New York. She is a recipient of the National Museum of Contemporary Art's National Korean Art Competition Award and a Pratt Institute Art Grant.

Josée St-Amant

The Daily Muse: Josée St-Amant, Painter

Josée St-Amant is an artist based in Montreal, a remarkable talent who creates art that is packed with emotion, life and memories.

Nick Gentry

The Daily Muse: Nick Gentry, Artist

Nick Gentry is a British artist from London, working with contributed artifacts and materials sourced directly from members of the public. This open working practice is a fundamental starting point of each new work. The rigorous conceptual basis of this work explores the areas where reality meets illusion, while drawing on references from consumer waste, to pop culture and found art.