Elusive Muse is pleased to share the work of designer and collage artist, Amanda Hawkins. We think you will really enjoy her work and hope you will be as inspired by her as we are.
If you would like  to learn more about Amanda or see even more of her beautiful work you can find her at any of the links below.


…and now a few words from the talented Amanda Hawkins…

Hello, I’m Amanda Hawkins. I design and build websites, paint, draw, embroider and pretend to know how to sew. In all mediums I enjoy dirty, grimy, minimal and abstract work. I love hiding things in the background and building it up with layers of texture and bursts of bright color.

My interest in art peaked in the tenth grade, on the fateful year I decided to take two classes: one in chemistry and one in art. Long story short –creating collages out of odds and ends and painting sure trumped memorizing the Periodic Table! I went on to receive a BFA in Graphic Design and Associates in Digital Graphics & Web Design from New Mexico State University.

In 2008 I launched a small company, Little Bird, with my husband Sam Greene. We do cozy, quirky and weathered websites for small businesses, individuals and the soon-to-be married.

When I’m not in my craft room/office I’m spending time with Sam, our kitty Muffin, playing in the band Flyaway Tigers and hanging out with my family.

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