FRED FREE was born in levittown new jersey in 1962, exhibited his work in a mall, did space planning for a discount department store, worked in a bookstore and a library, received two degrees from rhode island school of design, designed buildings during the 80s, illustrated how-to books for two television series, created art for a monk, anti-virus guru and movie actor, was interviewed in idn, kolaj and the 22 magazine, is a member of abc artists’ books cooperative, makes a lot of collages, finds and leaves things in alleys, lives and works near boston, has a wife, a cowboy and a large plastic deer named dave.

Elusive Muse finds the work of Fred Free to be incredibly inspiring and is happy to share a few of his pieces for you to enjoy. If you would like to see even more of Fred’s extensive collection of work, visit any of the links below for hours and hours of eye candy.