Dorote Zaukaite studied art at Kaunas collegium Art faculty.

After 7+ years of working as a graphic and interior designer, she became a full time independent artist specializing in art dolls. Dorote’s art is collected all over the world and has reached collectors in the USA, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, Australia and other countries.

Elusive Muse is pleased to present the hauntingly beautiful and incredibly unique art dolls, created by Dorote Zaukaite.

To learn more about Dorote and to see even more of her dolls, follow any of the links below.

doll2 doll3 doll4 doll7 geras2 img_3032 img_3341 img_3375 img_3689 img_4392 img_4467 img_4685 img_4924 img_5073 img_5113 img_5566 img_5829 img_5855 img_5985 img_5999 img_6001 img_6078 joy_dorotezaukaite portrait1