I am a story teller. I want to be a story teller (who does not?) Instead of just depicting a pretty (or not so pretty) or interesting or peculiar scene, person, and environment I’d rather tell you the whole story. I would love to see you stop and start thinking of what is happening in the picture. – Kinga

I am from Hungary but have been living in the U.S. with my American husband since August 1995. I am a professional graphic designer and digital artist working in both traditional and digital media. My specialties are print designs, illustrations, and surreal digital fine art. I love creating corporate and personal flyers, brochures, cards, direct mail pieces (mailers), signage, magazine ads, and banners. I am also designing eye-catching book- and CD-covers.

I do have a very specific and unique way of seeing the world around me, so my designs, although always very professional and effective, stand out of the mainstream designs helping my clients a great deal to achieve their business goal. My clients include Adobe, Sydney Theatre School (Australia), The College of Idaho, Olibet (Belgium), and numerous small businesses and individuals.

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