Karen O’Brien is mixed media art maker and teacher.  Her art has been featured in several publications including, Somerset Studio and Art Doll Quarterly.  Some of Karen’s work can be viewed at Gallery One in Grants Pass, Oregon. She also teaches art journaling techniques, mixed media and acrylic painting workshops for small groups at Golden Rule Studio and at various locations throughout the year.

 You can visit her on her studio Blog “Urban Folktales”:  http://karenobrien.blogspot.com to see and hear about her adventures in art and rural life.

Artist Statement:

I am an art maker, pathfinder, storyteller and teacher. I use whatever materials inspire me to begin my journey.

My art resists being classified in a particular style. It could be called Folk, Primitive or Naive Art, as I have no formal art training. I am influenced by what I call my “Urban Landscape.” It is a fusion of what I see, dream and imagine. I do not plan my art, but prefer to use my intuition and instincts. This help me to learn by doing and adjust my focus from outcome to MOMENT. My paintings develop over many layers, in search of my subjects and their story. They are populated with soulful, contemporary figures with oddly distorted features.

I call my finished pieces “Urban Folktales.”

“I am on a journey, exploring the path of intuitive art,
listening to the voice within to learn, create and share what I find.”

May you find art in the beauty of your every day experiences…

Karen O’Brien

To learn more about Karen or to see more of her fantastic work, visit any of the following links:

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