Renu Sharma is a digital and traditional artist, born and raised in Delhi NCR, India. The variety of her artworks from charcoal drawings to digital paintings is what brings her the clients and admirers across the globe. Renu’s artworks mostly portray dark tales and emotions.

An interview with Renu . . .

Kim: May I ask why you selected watercolors as your second medium; digital art being your first.

Renu: I first started with charcoal, then moved to digital, now to watercolor.

Kim: Most people only know you for your digital work and book covers.


Renu: I am trying to learn and get better at watercolors. They are great medium for expression as they are quick to work with and dry fast. Also, I love the painterly, very traditional, kind of raw unrefined look they have.

Kim: When you are drawing do you find you are more relaxed versus digital?

Renu: Yes, way more, there is something very therapeutic about getting your hands dirty and being able to feel the texture of everything, and a certain permanence with traditional media.

Kim: I have noticed all your sketches in your gallery are very expressive.

Renu: Yes, I do have a bit of dependency on reference due to the lack of skills in drawing from the head, but it is usually a lot more emotional and personal.

Kim: Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring artists?

Renu: Art is probably one of the best things that happens to a person’s soul if he is honest in it. Don’t get impatient or focus your energy on getting very good very soon. Just enjoy the process of creation.

Renu’s favorite quote

 “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” – Twyla Tharp

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