Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo complex collages are a bit more complex than a snip here and there. Ernesto is making note-worthy collages combining high-end photography of supermodels, ancient pieces of art, nature or animals in a terrific dusty colour palette. He cuts out his own images and those of others, combines them with drawings and textures, photographs it all, and then digitally edits it. And the result is truly impressive!

I’ve watched my father doing collage since I was a child but I didn’t start to explore the technique until three years ago. I started painting. I was really young and I used to go to lessons with a big group of old ladies. Then I started to take pictures on my own and, in college, I focused on fashion and advertising. Now I’m trying to mix all of those disciplines in my collages. For me, collage means detaching from my tendency of keeping everything in order. I’m constantly trying to become more abstract and less geometric. It allows me to literally cut/break with things – even though they are my own pictures – to create a new order. I suppose collage makes me challenge my own conventions. – Ernesto Artillo




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