14888932168_2812bdae58_cJana Brike is an intriguing communicator. For her upcoming solo exhibition “After the End of Time”, opening September 6 at FB69 Gallery in Munster, Germany, the artist produced a fascinating array of works created while staying in a cabin on a manor-house park by the Baltic Sea. These new paintings, she tells us in the following exclusive feature, are akin to a group of personal icons that relate more to a deep satori state of insight into one’s true nature.

Growing up in the shadow of Soviet Russia, the Latvian artist’s paintings often pull from narratives inherent to the Latvian language, which carries a long history of encrypting the ancient wisdom of life into stories focused on the beauty of nature. Her works seek to depict what Brike sees as the spirit of femininity. She aims to produce works that capture that wild beauty in a way that is in tune with her way of living, thinking and creating. In her works, Brike explores the internal feminine animus through both small and large points of interest that will affect the viewer long after spending time with her rich narrative works.

An exclusive interview with Jana was recently published on the HiFructose.com website. CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

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