Zoe Keller is an illustrator and designer exploring the intersection of art making, activism and the natural sciences. She uses graphite and ink to create highly detailed images that blend hints of narrative with images from the natural world. Since graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, she has set up camp on the rocky coast Maine, on a Michigan blueberry farm, and in New York’s sleepy Hudson Valley. She is currently working out of Philadelphia, with plans for westward travel come spring.

To learn more about Zoe or to see even more of her amazing work, follow any of the links below:

Turtle ZoeKellerIsland1 Zoe-Keller-Mushroom-Postcard-Frog Zoe-Keller-Mushroom-Postcard-Ghost-Pipes Zoe-Keller-Mushroom-Postcard-Snail Zoe-Keller-Mushrooms1 ZoeKellerSnake1