DAAS is an American contemporary artist currently based in Kobe, Japan. Originally from the east coast of Florida, he made his way to Osaka, Japan in 2007 contracted as an artist and performer for Universal Studios Japan. Since 2012, after leaving USJ, his focus has been primarily on exhibiting the paintings and murals created in his signature geometric style.


DAAS’ work synthesizes line, geometric shapes, rich textures, vivid colors and looseness with paint to create portraits that include animals, insects and the occasional science fiction writer such as Isaac Asimov.

There is a dichotomy in his work; two main forces are tugging away at each other, which in turn “tune” his images to create beautiful harmony. On one hand is the looseness of color application, the seemingly arbitrary nature of geometric forms and the richness of textures that intermingle with what on the other hand are painstakingly precise lines, carefully selected color palettes and most importantly the subjects he chooses. This interplay between chaos and control to reveal the subject’s character in a very natural and realistic way is what makes his paintings instantly recognizable and full of energy.

He often finds inspiration by referencing the crease patterns found in origami, studying the variations of textures and hues in the layers of old aged walls as well as the often-sporadic placement of colors in the environment.

DAAS utilizes a variety of mediums and materials to achieve these effects, mostly working on wood panels, using a mix of acrylic paints, modeling paste and heavy applications of gesso to build up the surface and create a textured foundation for the work. When observing the work in person, all the intricate and textural details are revealed and help to inform the viewer about the process in which the art was created.

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