Mauricio Planel has studied at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Montevideo. Working as an illustrator mainly in the Publishing area, he has many works published at:

  • Continente Magazine
  • Ciência Hoje Magazine
  • Mundo Estranho Magazine
  • Superinteressante
  • Florense Magazine
  • Revista da Cultura
  • GQ Brazil
  • Go Outside Magazine
  • Mente & Cerebro Magazine
  • Revista Você S.A.
  • Torre Del Vigia Publishing House
  • SEI Publishing House
  • WMF Martins Fontes Publishing House
  • Melhoramentos Publishing House
  • Mellen Press, among others.

He uses Collages (Traditional & Digital) not only in his works but also in creating decorative products such as coasters, placemats, bookmarks, postcards, and buttons.

Planel holds Collage Workshops for Graphic Design students, Photographers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Artists, and people interested in this technique. He takes his work experience to teach students to express themselves in a personal and creative way.

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