Elusive Muse is pleased to introduce Cordula Kagemann, mixed media artist and teacher.

My work consists of two different types of works. First, Pulp Paintings that are created from the pulp of  handmade and colored paper. Pulp is used to create mixed media / collages on canvas.

The Pulp Paintings quickly emerge in a spontaneous process. I work with paper pulps of different fibers, mainly cotton and hemp. After coloring the paper with pigments, the pulp is then applied to a freshly-made paper sheet in the wet state, then pressed and dried. It creates abstract compositions.

Thematically, these works – marked in relation to material structures and forms of nature, represent the relationship between man and nature.

In contrast to the spontaneous formation of Pulp Paintings, the paintings on canvas are a process that can last for a longer period. I work mainly with plant derived papers, handmade paper, cardboard, found and collected printed materials, fabrics and textile waste, acrylic and tempera paints.

I am fascinated by the materials, the tactile qualities of the paper as well the possibilities and textures that arise in the design process.  An idea of ​​this process reveals itself to the viewer, as the works are constructed by overlapping layers.

In the process, the paper is designed, painted, altered and converted. Material, color, font and images work together as equal partners in the design process by overlapping and combining to complete a composition.

My work for me represents the process of every day life; collecting experiences, impressions and places, getting older, remembering and forgetting.

~ Cordula Kagemann

To see more of Cordula’s work, visit her website at: www.cordulakagemann.net