Elusive Muse recently began dabbling with image transfers. While searching the web one day for artists that used image transfers in their work, I discovered Mikel Robinson and immediately fell in love with his work.

…and now a few words from Mikel.

As a mixed-media artist; I work with anything I can- paint, collage, encaustic, gold-leaf, photography, gel transfer, plaster, stains, wax, dirt, fabric, found objects, and other various media. Another consistent element in my work is repetitive imagery; Ferris wheels, images from nature, lines, and other things both, at once, strange and familiar. Rather than find myself married to any particular element, I tend to work intuitively, allowing the creative process to control the direction a piece might take. When creating art, my creative process is much akin to layers of sediment building up upon a riverbed; layer after layer is added until a final piece is revealed- I find comfort in beginning with something I know while traveling to someplace unknown.

~ Mikel Robinson

To learn more about Mikel or to see more of his amazing work,
visit his website at www.mikelrobinson.com

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