Elusive Muse is pleased to introduced mixed media artist Erin Faith Allen.

Moving through the world with a rare form of synesthesia, I experience life on a supernatural level.  Making art helps me process my existence with it’s richly cascading and intertwining sounds, textures, and colors.

I incorporate mythology, symbolism, and anatomy with multiple layers of mixed media technique and materials to express my perception of the world … sometimes light and delicate, sometimes overwhelming and intense.

My art carries themes of ancestral lineage, mothering, collective female experience, traumatic memory, and the choice each day presents:  do we exist solely within our personal tragedies or do we weave life from a place of empowered wisdom?

In my artwork lies the dance between these choices; the spectrum of living includes both.

We must know our depths to know our heights: we must howl in wild stark exposure at the moon in order to know true bliss in the glow of sun.

In 2015 I will begin releasing a collection of short documentary films peeking into the inner world of artists.

Artmaker Soulshaker: Orly Avineri – Trailer from Erin Faith Allen on Vimeo.

I teach mixed media art workshops and organize artist retreats in international locations.

~ Erin Faith Allen

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