Lately there has been much buzz about a Spanish street artist by the name of ARYZ. This young artist is slowly but surely becoming a household name. Aryz creates stunning, intricately detailed works using spray paint and paint rollers, and that’s not all—ARYZ is also an illustrator.

ARYZ was born in Barcelona, Spain, but very little is actually known about his history as a street artist. The painter, who has drawn sporadically since childhood, began his career on a summer day with some friends. ARYZ prefers to paint simply for the sake of painting; his passions for art and fun are his motivation. In fact, he is unsure of what to call his art. People often define it as graffiti, while others consider it street art.

Regardless of its definition, ARYZ enjoys using classic street art tools such as brushes, spray paint, rollers, and more. He enjoys painting in abandoned factories because people avoid bothering him there. These factories often offer a perfect location due to their huge walls and varied surfaces. ARYZ attributes his skill as a painter to aerosols because that was the method that he used primarily to practice.

ARYZ prefers to create large character murals- and by this he really means LARGE! This quickly earns him a spot with some of the best muralists. He states that placing a shape on a wall is a simple excuse to put colors in one place or another. ARYZ also prefers to avoid focusing on a specific message.

“PARAL•LEL,” the first solo exhibition in Los Angeles by Spanish muralist and artist, ARYZ, opened April 25th 2015 with hundreds of visitors who came see his new body of work. With two complimentary parallel rooms that span over 2000 square feet, the show reflects on the definition of “PARAL•LEL” as a mathematical notion in differential geometry where two parallel geodesic lines never meet in the same plane, but intersect at infinity.

In addition to the sold out exhibition, ARYZ released a special giclée print on Friday, May 8th at 12PM (PST) at

Titled, ‘Interludio’ the print is of one of the largest paintings currently exhibited at the show.

PARAL•LEL will remain open until by appointment only and appointments to see the exhibition can be made at the event website at

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