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Romancing Banality, a visually arresting installation by multimedia artist Lyle Carbajal, opens to the public June 6th at Tinney Contemporary. The exhibition kicked off in Seattle, followed by New Orleans and after months of preparation and personal integration into Nashville life and culture by artist/creator Carbajal, will transform for its next phase at downtown’s Tinney Contemporary.

Elusive Muse is pleased to share these exclusive behind the scenes images featuring the installation of the set in the gallery.

Lyle Carbajal is a multimedia artist focusing on the social commentary of cultural and economic perception and their implications in contemporary art. Romancing Banality is his current traveling installation exploring these ideas, in which viewers are fully immersed into the environment of his subjects for a truly distinctive, engaging, multi-sensory experience that challenges perspective and social beliefs. By inhabiting the city of upcoming exhibitions in advance, Carbajal creates a unique audience experience- a manifestation of experiences, people, attitudes, and perception- which is in a constant state of transformation as it evolves with each location simultaneously serving as both subject and muse.

“It’s a city’s Zeitgeist that interests me,” says Carbajal. “The sights, the sounds, the way its people either cherish or disregard artistic forms, the city’s visual connection to the past and whether or not it recognizes its indigenous culture.”

Art writer Adam Eisenstat observes, “It is perhaps his paintings’ documentary verve that is most noteworthy; their function as individual dispatches from the artist’s travels, which in concert form a consistent style and sensibility (if not any sort of coherent “message” or fixed position). As conduits through which certain elements of a time and place and distinct people are communicated, this work inhabits the precinct of folk art, which also reflects Carbajal’s intentions and methodologies, and epitomizes the art peculiar to the heterogeneous mind.”

Tinney Contemporary is a proud part of the local and international fine art scene in downtown Nashville.

237 5th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37219 • 615.255.7816

Contact: Lyle Carbajal


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