Born in Los Angeles, Lopez was heavily influenced by hip-hop culture and graffiti art. He is a painter who has emerged from the graffiti subculture and academic influence. While attending the University of Oregon Lopez studied under the guidance of master sculptor, Dora Natella and design theorist, Leon Johnson. Lopez absorbed attention to form associated with Natella’s sculptures while refining his conceptual vocabulary through Johnson’s critique on visual continuity.

In 2000, Lopez Received his B.A. in Fine Art. His work can be found within a myriad of corporate and private art collections both in the United States and abroad. He currently lives and works in the City of Los Angeles.


Lopez seeks to discover the possibilities of utilizing wildlife as a stage for human interpretation. His works ask viewers to consider the collaborative potential inherent in creating hybrid species, focusing particular attention on the female form. It represents Lopez’s artistic endeavor to challenge himself to present different manifestations upon a central theme. In so doing, these works reflect the artist’s contextual engagement with his protagonists. Using a variety of dynamic colors, Lopez explores his own calm protective nature, as well as his volatile relationships with his subjects, producing pieces that are powerfully vibrant and, at the same time, complimentary. The result is a series of works that articulate the very essence of the creative process.

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