Beth Brown is a visual artist and experimental musician practicing in Baltimore, MD. Her body of work includes intricate ink drawings on paper and euphonic processed field recordings. The drawings and musical arrangements share a common thread of representing textual micro-landscapes, articulated through obsessive (and meditative) mark-making, and  improvised composition.

Brown was born and attended school in Houston, TX where she started to show an interest in drawing, music, and storytelling. At the age of three, Brown began spending her weekends in a remote part of East Texas and utilized the solitude to pursue her interests. The prolonged shifting between city and country landscapes inspired her to capture the differing shapes, patterns, sounds, and narratives on paper and field recording based musical compositions.

In 2007, Brown attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD to pursue a BFA in painting. After three years of tutelage in figure painting, her work went in an entirely different direction and focused on her first loves; drawing, music, and storytelling. She graduated in 2011 and shortly thereafter released her first album and won a grant for her experimental music compositions and phonography. Her visual art has been featured in exhibitions across the United States and publications including Manifest Gallery’s 9th International Drawing Annual, Visual News, Forage Press, The Sketchbook Project’s World Tour, and Juxtapoz. Critics have called her work “a beautiful phenomenon” and “iconic across mediums.” She plans to further her career as a visual artist and musician through releasing another album and expand her body of work.

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