The Daily Muse: Wan Marsh, Mixed Media/Collage Artist

Wan Marsh is an artist and designer whose work has won numerous awards, including The Members Hall of Fame Award on Ovation TV.

The Daily Muse: Robert Bubel, Painter

Robert Bubel, painter, born in 1968 in Zarki nr Czestochowa, Poland. Robert studied Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and graduated at prof. Z Grzybowski’s workshop in 1997. He now practises painting, drawing and related techniques.

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Cornel Draghia, Vector Illustrator and Font Designer

Cornel Draghia is a vector illustrator, font creator and colour designer from Bucharest, Romania. He has experience in font/typeface design (published in “Typedesigner and Punchcutter from Gutenberg until today” – Klingspor Museum for international…

The Daily Muse: Marty Gordon, Collage Artist

Marty Gordon draws on a diverse artistic background that includes writing, theater, and printmaking to make his clever collages. A former minister, Gordon now devotes his spare time to collage making. Blending sophisticated humor with a comic visual…

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Marianne Morris, Mixed Media Artist

Elusive Muse first learned about Marianne Morris on the popular Facebook group “A Stand for Art Journaling” and was instantly interested in learning more about her and her work.

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Charlo Frade, Visual Artist and Illustrator

Charlo Frade is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Illustration/Communication Arts. He is interested and is involved in many things. Illustration, Comics, Writing, Fashion, Photography, Music, Film, Animation,…

The Daily Muse: Ernesto Artillo, Collage Artist

Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo complex collages are a bit more complex than a snip here and there. Ernesto is making note-worthy collages combining high-end photography of supermodels, ancient pieces of art, nature or animals in a terrific dusty…

The Daily Muse: Danny McCaw, Painter

Danny McCaw is the youngest son of highly acclaimed American Expressionist Dan McCaw, and brother to abstract Modern Artist John McCaw. Danny began drawing and painting at an early age, where materials and family encouragement were in abundance. His…

The Daily Muse: David Fullarton, Visual Artist and Illustrator

David Fullarton is a Scottish born, San Francisco based visual artist and illustrator. Because he is a man with very low expectations he is seldom disappointed and therefore lives a life filled with boundless joy. He has spent most of his somewhat…

The Daily Muse: Judy Thorley TWS, Mixed Media Artist

Judy Thorley is an artist from Ontario Canada. Texture, linear elements and text play a significant role in her artwork.

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Jo Quetsch, Mixed Media Artist

Elusive Muse has been admiring the work of Jo Quetsch for quite some time. Everything she does has so much color and really emits so much joy. Jo will be exhibiting her work at the Saranac Gallery in Spokane, Washington from June 5, 2015 to June…

The Daily Muse: Ray Caesar, Digital Artist

Elusive Muse first discovered the imaginative work of Ray Ceasar many years ago in an issue of Juxtapoz magazine and has been a fan ever since. To say his work is unique would be an extreme understatement. To learn more about Ray or to see even…

The Daily Muse: An Interview with Surreal Artist, Anthony Clarkson

Anthony Clarkson is a Los Angeles-based artist/designer with over 10 years experience in both the contemporary art gallery circuit and the music entertainment industry.

The Daily Muse: Erica Williams, Illustrator & Designer

Erica Williams is an artist from Colorado who currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. She enjoys collecting beautiful images, books, music, and cats (mostly the cats).

Book Release: In My Bones, by Orly Avineri

Elusive Muse is so excited to share that Orly Avineri has released her third book and it is available for purchase TODAY.