Hannah Bertram

The Daily Muse: Hannah Bertram, Artist

Throughout my practice the complex position of Ornament – that simultaneously adds value and is functionally superfluous – is used to transform banal materials into temporary installations. By combining decorative motifs with worthless materials,…

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Susan Crawford

Illustrators Susan and Allen Crawford founded Plankton Art Company in 1996. Elusive Muse is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Susan, followed in the near future with an interview with her husband Allen. As an illustrator, artist, and…

The Daily Muse: Paul Bailey, Painter

My work can be found within private collections and galleries throughout the world. I also supply commissioned pieces to international and domestic interior design companies and private collectors.

The Daily Muse: William Michael Harnett, Painter (1848 – 1892)

Harnett was born in Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland during the time of the potato famine. Shortly after his birth his family emigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia. Becoming a United States citizen in 1868, he made a living as a young man…

The Daily Muse: Emanuele Dascanio, Master Artist

Emanuele Dascanio is one of the greatest living artists of our time, a true master. His incredibly realistic graphite pencil and charcoal portraits vibrate with spirituality, emotion, and energy.

The Daily Muse: Matt Hendon, Artist and Illustrator

MattHendon.com is an artist, designer, and illustrator living and working in Los Angeles, California. Hendon has a BFA in illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and his work has been exhibited in solo and group…

The Daily Muse: Lou Medel, Illustrator

Lou Medel is a freelance designer/illustrator based out of Portland by way of Chicago. Lou enjoys hand made typography, patterns, cheese and the Chicago White Sox.

The Daily Muse: Martin O’Neill, Illustrator and Artist

London-born Martin O’Neill is an illustrator & artist who creates collages for a wide range of International clients encompassing publishing, advertising & design. His work can be seen frequently in the UK and US press.

The Daily Muse: An Exclusive Interview with Illustrator Darren Hopes

Darren Hopes Illustrator and Photographer from Truro, United Kingdom. Night has come and it’s inhabited by disquieting creatures: dark fairy tales are brought to life in these series of mixed media illustrations.

The Daily Muse: Marijah Bac Cam, Artist

Marijah is a French artist, born in Laos (8th December 1974) with roots Tai Dam from North Vietnam. She lives and works in the south of France (Gard) and collaborates under the ~21358SMart~ project, four hands with artist Sander Steins…

The Daily Muse: Jen Mann, Artist

Jen Mann is a Canadian artist living just outside of Toronto. She attended OCAD U from 2005-2009, receiving her BFA in printmaking.

The Daily Muse: Eugenia Loli, Collage Artist

Eugenia Loli originated in the technology sector, but she left that impersonal world behind in order to build new, exciting worlds via her art.

The Daily Muse: Kai Nodland, Illustrator

Born and raised in Norway, Kai now works and lives in London, where he spends most of his time illustrating and painting.

The Daily Muse: ARYZ, Street Artist and Illustrator

Lately, there has been much buzz about a Spanish street artist by the name of ARYZ. This young artist is slowly but surely becoming a household name.

The Daily Muse: Paul Moschell, Artist

Denver artist Paul Moschell has been producing his signature small and imaginative works on paper for over a decade now. He also works with assemblage sculpture and has created two collections of elaborate assemblage hats/head pieces.