addie-rementer (12)Artist Addie Lynn Rementer grew up on the east coast in Cape May, New Jersey where she was surrounded by an artistically diverse family. Addie began her formal art training at Naropa University in Boulder,Colorado where she earned her BA in visual arts. It was at Naropa that she developed a talent for self expression through the medium of painting as well as a regard for the spiritual and healing aspects of art. Following her years in Boulder, Addie moved to Santa Cruz,California because of a job offer to create over 30 custom original paintings for her aunt’s home in Sacramento. (Photos coming soon). Today, Addie runs her greeting card and custom art business from her Santa Cruz studio and participates in the Open Studios art tour every October.

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“Art is fascinating because it requires you to look and then look some more…and to go really deep with your work, you must look even further. For me, my work is a reflection of my feelings and subconscious. I studied art at Naropa University in Boulder,Colorado and graduated with a BA in visual arts. It was at Naropa where I learned to paint from an authentic place within myself. The inspiration I received from my teachers and fellow students has stayed with me over the past decade. I currently reside in Santa Cruz, California where I gain inspiration from the vibrant energy of my community of friends and the beauty of my surroundings.”

– Addie Lynn Rementer

And now for our exclusive interview with Addie

How would you describe your art?
If I could only choose three words to describe my work they would be: deep,playful and colorful—very much a reflection of my personality! I work in mixed media which means I use a wide variety of materials to express myself. Mostly I paint with acrylic or house-paint and then add paper, fabric or other materials to add texture and depth.

How long have you been an artist and how did you become an artist?
I have been an artist for about 12 years. I grew up in a family of highly creative people. All three of my brothers are artists and my mom is just bursting with creative energy! You should see her colorful happy kitchen! However, I was not fully aware of my creative talents until my mom pointed out to me, at the age of 21 that I am an artist and I need to go to school for art! My creative spirit unleashed at Naropa University in Boulder,Colorado where I studied. If it was not for my mother’s encouragement I would not be on the path I am on today.

What is your favorite medium and why?
Currently, my favorite medium is the combination of fabric and paint. Particularly linen because of the beautiful texture. As for the type of paints, I recently discovered clay paints made by a company out of Santa Fe, NM. The colors are warm, soft and have a very matte finish. I also love using (non-toxic) house-paint right now.

Pick one work of art from your portfolio and tell us the story behind it. Why does this piece have meaning to you? What steps did you take to create the piece?
The following piece titled, “Inner Peace” is meaningful to me because it encompasses so much of what my studies at Naropa were about (Naropa is a Buddhist University). The white dots are thoughts and the woman is meditating. Half of her face is shadowed and the other is bright and clear. This is the duality of life. There is an opposite side to everything. Once we accept this fact, we can find much more peace and acceptance in our lives.

Inner Peace

Tell us about one medium, technique or style that you would like to try working with (that you have not tried before) and why you would like to try this.
If I had more time and resources I would like to work with encaustics. It is such a sensual evocative medium. Also on the list is to work BIGGER! I often spend just as much time on smaller pieces as I do larger ones so might as well go big!

How do you make time for art?
Art making is an absolute priority in my life and takes precedence over just about everything else– just ask my boyfriend! I often put it before other “more-important” things (ha! Like there is anything more important?) such as cleaning my closet,washing the car, making elaborate meals…art is number one. With that said, I’m sure when I have a child, my art time will become even more precious and sought-after.

If you could imagine the “perfect art day” for yourself, what would it be like?
My perfect art day would go like this: Wake up early, head to the beach and take a walk and then go to the studio and work with a clear head. I love working early in the day before thoughts pile up and cloud my vision.

If you could spend 24 hours with one artist, living or historical, who would you want to spend the day with and why? What would the two of you do?
If I could spend a day with any artist, I think it would be Wassily Hundertwasser. I connect with his work on a soul-level! I would love to spend the day with him (if he were still alive) being in nature, looking at the world, hearing his perspective on life and then work on a collaborative painting together.

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring artists?
My advice for aspiring artists is similar to my dating advice: Be yourself, everything that happens on the canvas is a reflection of you, the more you paint, the more you will learn about yourself. Be patient and take your time. When you feel ready, and maybe even a little before you feel ready, put yourself out there and see what happens. It takes courage to show your true colors to the world, but if you are being truly authentic then your audience will find you and connect with your work and they will thank you for being you.

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