Born and raised and currently living in Los Angeles, Alexandra Bellissimo has always been motivated towards the creation of unique imagery. Her imagery explores the physical and psychological relationship between nature and human beings when combined through the use of collage. Her collaging process involves precise cutting, laying, and adhering photographic prints together into a single cohesive image. Through this unusual unification, her collages evoke a sense of empathy, intimacy, and harmony when humans and nature co-exist.

As Alexandra says –

“To sum up what I do in a simple way: I physically collage my photographs together using a Xacto blade. By doing so, I create a one-of-a-kind image where the human form merges with nature, flowers, and insects.”

In 2011, Bellissimo received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Her collages have been exhibited in numerous galleries and venues, including a solo exhibition titled “Simulations” at the Kopeikin Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), and her piece “Surface” featured in the Neiman Marcus “Art of Fashion” Show (Fall 2014).

Alexandra’s work has been published in Professional Artists 22 Magazine Vol. 4. Highlike, and Imprints Magazine. In addition, her work has appeared on CBS television series, “The Crazy Ones and Numb3rs.

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