Elusive Muse is pleased to present the unique work of papercut artist Clare Lindley.

Welcome to my world of papercut art.

I started papercutting relatively recently after years of painting. It is an art form that straddles art and craft and has a long history. Now I have discovered this way of making art I can’t imagine picking up a paint brush again!

Although I have spent all my life in the countryside it is only now that I have started using the natural world in my work, up to now I have looked in wonder at trees and birds and animals, now I fill my work with them, not that you will recognize any particular species! I don’t do realism, I stylize and use my imagination but you will still see that a bird is a bird, a tree is a tree . . .

All my work is drawn out by hand then cut out with a scalpel, no computer involved! Except this website of course and my musings on facebook.

Most of my work is black and white but I have started adding layers of colour when the design calls for it.

I sell my original pieces through galleries, art shows and to private customers, though I have been brave and set up an etsy shop where you can purchase work.

I produce cards which are printed from my originals and make miniature artists books, which are printed too.

~ Clare Lindley

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