Elusive Muse is pleased to present the work of the artist known as Illustrating Rain.

My work is is inspired by the notion of transmutation; the journey of changing one’s mind. It is viewed through the lens of our individual thoughts and the manner in which they evolve and traverse a journey of their own, changing from one set of ideas at one time to another. From stagnant thought patterns to a state of flux where ideas develop and transcend their original beginnings. These works are created using details of line and form, light and shadow, repetition and explosions of expression. They are an abstract depiction of our minds neural pathways and hold a resonance of the fractal and unfolding patterns also found in nature.

My work has been featured in online magazines such as Pov, Spindle and Twenty6 and I also fully illustrated the book titled “The Future We Choose” by the collective ThinkActVote.

~ Illustrating Rain

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