Elusive Muse is pleased to share the inspiring work of painters Mark Morrissey and Stacey Anne Betts.

Mark originates from the English countryside. He studied at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and received his BA in Illustration with Second-class honours, upper division. He has exhibited in Maidstone, London, Paris, Brussels and Melbourne.

Mark’s latest works of expressive New Zealand landscapes are inspired by his love of travel and connection to nature. Each piece is painted en plein air with a focus towards recording the emotions, sights and sounds experienced on site.

 Stacey was born in Rutland, in the heart of the English countryside, and is passionately inspired by nature.

Her latest works are a series of expressive landscape paintings created en plein air to record the moment with a focus on light and texture. Each piece encapsulates emotions experienced on site, to forge an organic and honest outcome that is truly unique. Stacey’s preferred medium is oil on canvas.

Together, Mark and Stacey have collaborated to create the beautiful pieces you see below.

To learn more about Mark Morrissey and Stacey Anne Betts, follow the links below.

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