Elusive Muse is pleased to introduce the work of visual artist Kit Donnelly.

As a visual artist, each day presents new symphonies of light, form and movement. I see colors playing off of each other in new and unexpected ways, subtle gestures manifesting themselves in marks of meaning and shapes constantly interlocking to form patterns. This process of seeing is always the beginning to a new painting.

The act of painting is important to my understanding of how the world works in its simplest physical form. It is a visual exercise in honesty and articulation. Each painting provides a more distinct visual logic to my world; a map to seeing and establishing my presence as an artist within my surroundings. I am always finding ways to invent this logic in what is a constantly unhinged world. My painting is definitely rooted in the sensual realm but contains a complex interiority gained from years of studying relationships of rhythm, movement, space, perspective, and form. I work with color, gesture, and shape to orchestrate each painting so that it speaks more about itself than about any original intention or political meaning. When all the elements of my painting coincide, I can transcend the experience I have had with the physical world and the painting has a life of its own. This is the most honest communication I know.

To learn more about Kit, to see more of her work or to purchase a piece, visit her website at www.kitdonnelly.com.

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